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Intelligent Muscle Training System

Figure 1. Intelligent Muscle Training System

This was a one-year project under the service robot department of the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI). The goal is to develop an intelligent muscle training system as shown in Fig. 1, to address the need for professional weight training. I built this project from scratch that was inspired by my own workout experience and got a US patent in 2020.   

Our Goals

The purpose of this project was to develop the intelligent muscle training system that utilizes compliance control, sensing technologies and machanomyography (MMG) to address the need include:

  • Weight bar/disc elimination

  • ​Single person training with safety support

  • Improved space utilization

  • Digital training resume and enhanced training efficiency

Related Publication

  • T. C. Lin, J. L. Pan, K. J. Pai, Z. W. Liao, Y. C. Chang, S. H. Tzao, & C. Y. Liu, "Muscle training equipment, muscle training system and muscle training method", U.S. Patent No. 11,065,506, 2021.

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