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Muti-function Green Pavilion 

Figure 1. Model of Green Pavilion

This research was my undergraduate thesis which combined the Mechanical Engineering department and Art & Design department and was conducted under Dr. Shiuh-Chuan Her's and Dr. Chor-Kheng Lim's supervision. In this research, I was responsible for leadership, structural design and software development.


There was no interaction between residents in the community that everyone lived in the independent lifestyle. The natural features in the urban city also superseded by skyscrapers. We developed a concept of green architecture to offer the function of increasing communicate in society and adding the tree-like building to beauty the environment. Then, creating the symbolic model(Fig. 1) of the green building. 


External Appearance

We inspired from Banyan to design the look of the green pavilion. In my country, elder people gathered under the banyan to chat and rest that almost fit in our purpose for increasing the interaction with each other. The banyan-like pavilion(Fig. 2) appeal people to visit it.  

Figure 2. Banyan-like Appearance

Solar Tracking System

In order to maximize the energy absorption, I developed the solar tracking mechanism(Fig. 3) inspired from plant phototropism. Combined two 180 degrees rotation servo motor and five of photoresistance(Fig. 4) to complete the solar tracking system(Fig. 5) in PIC Proto based.

Figure 3. Solar Tracking System

Figure 4. Servo Motor 

Figure 5. Tracking Model

Inner Space

The multi-function green pavilion will be the three floors architecture(Fig. 6). The first floor provides resident a resting place and space for discussing the community matters. Second and third-floor design for the electronic-based library that content e-book and touchable glass. 

Related Award

2012 Excellent Award 
Creative Application of Solar Energy Competition
Ministry of Education, Taiwan
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