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Automated Guided Vehicle

Figure 1. Automated Guided Vehicle

This was a three-year project and I participated in the second year of it which under service robot department of Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI). The goal is to develop the automated guided vehicle(AGV) as shown in Fig. 1, helping manufacturing factory and hospital automatic transfer raw material and medicine precisely. My contribution to the project included machining part, simulation, and system integration.  

Our Goals

The purpose of the second-year project was to develop and optimize the key components of AGV such as vision sensor module and corresponding colored tape guidance system that able to provide more flexible solutions for customizing the application.

Related Sensor Module Optimization

I added more functional sensor included RFID reader for ID detection, wider bumper for enhancing safety concern, guide sensor for avoiding collide and button camera for colored tape detection and I also designed battery quick release system for saving operator time that all as shown in Fig. 3.

Colored Tape Guidance

In the traditional guiding system for AGV was using magnetic stripe that had a problem about hard to maintain the magnetic stripe which was expensive for the user to replace the new one and the accuracy was not stable for long used. 

We develop the colored tape guidance module which converted colored tape position into motion control command for AGV guidance. It able to modify the path easily(Video below) and the cost of the colored tape was cheaper than the magnetic stripe. By adding the button camera and algorithm optimization, the AGV can transfer things precisely.

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